Where is the market?
The Winter Market will be housed at the Galena Center for the Arts on the lower level. The building used to be the hospital. The address is 219 Summit St. The Summer Market takes place on the Old Market House lawn.

Where do I park?
There is ample parking around the Galena Center for the Arts building when attending the Winter Market. At the Summer Market there is parking around the Old Market House lawn as well as in the surrounding area. Parking really fills up during the summer tourist season so come early.

Who runs the market?
Currently, the market is run entirely by volunteers, including Larissa Distler who is the market manager and a board of directors.

How is the market funded?
The market is funded by vendor fees alone, which we try to keep as low as possible. Our aim is to foster local growth in the economy and we want our vendors to be successful.

Is the market affiliated with the  Galena Center for the Arts, the City of Galena, or VisitGalena.org?
No, the market is an independent organization that is fortunate to have a lot of help from other organizations.

What type of payment do vendors accept?
Cash is preferred. Some vendors may accept checks or credit cards.

Does the market accept LINK cards?
Not at this time. Accepting LINK cards requires a POS computer system and LINK terminal, which we cannot afford at the moment, but it is coming in the future.

How do I become a vendor?
Contact Larissa Distler or access an application here.

What type of products can be found at the market?
Fresh produce (when available), baked goods, dried produce, USDA approved meats, hot to go meals, winter wear, gifts, crafts, plants, dried herbs, jams and jellies, yarn, wool, snacks, teas, honey, specialty coffees, and more!

How is it possible to have produce in the winter?
There are many vegetables that ripen at the end of summer and in the fall that will keep through with winter such as root vegetables and winter squashes. Also some of our vendors grow produce in green houses throughout the winter, particularly greens.

Why should I attend the market?
Attending a farmers market is not only great for the local economy, the health of the community, and an eye opening experience, but also a great place for socializing. We assure you that you will run into old friends and possibly even make new friends. What’s more, you can have a conversation will the people who are growing and/or making your food and they will love you for it!


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